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David Warner’s wife branded ‘Meghan Markle of cricket’ as ‘cringe’ interview criticised ‣

David Warner’s wife branded ‘Meghan Markle of cricket’ as ‘cringe’ interview criticised


Australia star David Warner enjoyed a Boxing Day Test performance to silence his critics, but wife Candice was likened to Meghan Markle for her commentary on ‘behind-the-scenes’ matters

Candice Warner was likened to Meghan Markle after encouraging critics to “back off” husband David

David Warner’s doubters were dismissed during the Boxing Day Test as the Australia talisman notched a double-century against South Africa in his 100th Test outing.

It was a day to remember for the 36-year-old, who also broke the 8,000-run mark in Test cricket and became his country’s seventh-highest scorer of all time.

His 25th Test century on Tuesday should have been a purely positive moment but has since been given a negative spin by forces outside his control.

A prime PR opportunity appears to have backfired on his wife, Candice, after she was likened to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, for comments defending his legacy.

‘The Bull’ has endured a tumultuous few years following the 2018 ball-tampering scandal and losing his place among Australia’s leadership, but Monday’s display was reminiscent of his old self.

Some fans suggested the occasion was marred, however, by his partner’s controversial commentary criticising Warner’s coverage and matters “behind the scenes.”

The retired Ironwoman appeared emotional as she used the live interview to suggest those scrutinising her beau might now “back off.”

“Everyone saying he (Warner) is too old and should retire,” she told Seven’s Mel McLaughlin. “To, first of all, hit the 8000 Test run is a huge milestone, then to get a Test century – hopefully now people will back off him a little bit.

“It hasn’t been an easy summer with the bat, also behind the scenes he hasn’t really received a hell of a lot of support where it’s needed. It comes down to the captaincy stuff if we’re talking about that, it’s been dragged on and it shouldn’t have.

Candice Warner was emotional as she hailed husband David’s achievements following his 25th Test century

“This is going to mean a lot… no-one would have thought he would make it. There were so many doubters along the way.”

Some on social media spotted the similarities between her stance and that of Markle, who has staunchly defended her husband, Prince Harry, while they’ve been ostracised from the Royal Family.

“Not sure if they’re interviewing Candice Warner or Meghan Markle,” tweeted one viewer who didn’t care for Warner’s comments. “She’s obviously been watching Harry & Megs on Netflix and taking notes.”

David Warner celebrated Boxing Day with a double century on his 100th Test

Another labelled Warner’s mid-match appraisal “the most cringe thing ever” as the length of the talk went down badly with some spectators. “Defending the indefensible and throwing David’s team-mates under the bus at the same time.”

Australia won the opening Test of their best-of-three series against South Africa and are well en route to sealing an early win in the second thanks to Warner’s exploits.

But while he and wife Candice may feel they’ve been unfairly judged in recent times, comparisons with the discarded Duke and Duchess of Sussex may not be the optics they’re hoping for.